Get Smart About Your Data

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Get Smart About Your Data

Helping customers sort geospatial data according to their terms.

  • Problem: Unfocused data dumps.
  • Solution: Let the software sort and organize data according to your preference.
  • Benefit: Put more data to work for you, making you more effective.

We speak a lot about the results provided by Satelytics. Thousands of square miles surveyed in minutes, daily imagery gathering, detection, quantification, and most importantly, actionable alerts delivered to our customers.

This also means the outputs of Satelytics’ Constant VigilanceTM algorithms are often a large number of alerts and measurements. The question quickly becomes, “how does one wade through these large data sets?”

You don’t have to do it alone. Satelytics’ professional services team provides support every step of the way, until customers are comfortable navigating results on their own. To start, our professional services team gathers customer shapefiles, buffer zones, and asset information. This information will be layered with our geospatial alerts in, our web-based platform for hosting customer results.

Asset locations, buffer zones, alerts... giving customers the full picture.

Asset locations, buffer zones, alerts... giving customers the full picture. grades, sorts, and presents for easy viewing the alerts generated, according to each user’s preference. Alert grades can be based on location, for example. Other customers grade alerts based on concentrations of chemical, metal, and biological substances over land and water — including methane, liquid leaks, nitrogen, phosphorus, and copper. Tree height, health, and speciation metrics all influence the grading of strike potential threats, determining which trees are the biggest threats to utility lines and towers.

Satelytics offers solutions to multiple problems simultaneously.

Satelytics offers solutions to multiple problems simultaneously.

Geospatial data streams provide eye-opening amounts of information about widely distributed asset areas. Satelytics is designed and staffed to help you navigate through results in an efficient, productive manner.

Contact us to discover how we can address your collage of business challenges with a single set of data.

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