I Need Answers NOW!

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I Need Answers NOW!

All the answers without all the wait.

  • Problem: Slow analysis leads to unchecked events.
  • Solution: Actionable alerts within hours.
  • Benefit: Disaster prevention.

Today, a high-resolution satellite image can be obtained anywhere on earth daily. This is an opportunity to gather data over large asset areas that is being realized by forward-thinking companies worldwide.

If alerts are provided well after an event — weeks, months, etc. — they are useless. Satelytics exists to solve challenges in the here and now! Our customers receive alerts a few hours after satellite overpass, detailing the problem, specific location, and additional information — including measurements and severity.

Together, this condensed turnaround time and detailed measurements make our alerts actionable, leading our customers directly to their problems before they become disasters — with all the details at their fingertips. Satelytics saves customers millions in clean-up and remediation costs through accurate, early detection. Call us today to explore what actionable alerts can be delivered to your company to help you avoid disaster.

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