Microsoft is Paving the Way with Open Possibilities

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Microsoft is Paving the Way with Open Possibilities

What do Azure OpenAI and Satelytics have in common?

  • Problem: Keep up with technology.
  • Solution: Partner with the best.
  • Benefit: World class solutions.

Answer: artificial intelligence (AI).

We’re operating in a fast-paced world. Satelytics is working hard to make sure our customers are ahead of the curve. Our business is built on knowing and anticipating our customers’ most pressing challenges, then arming them with actionable solutions. While we already incorporate AI in our technology, we know this rapidly-changing world will quickly open new avenues for us to apply it in new ways.

Enthusiastic fans of Satelytics at Microsoft are helping us and our customers conceptualize ways to expand the benefits of our services even further. Our mutual Microsoft / Satelytics goal: Harness geospatial analytics and AI to make our customers’ jobs easier and more efficient.

Watch a notional demonstration below of what Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service could potentially do for our customers in the near future!

OpenAI Fusion Demo with Satelytics
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