No Surprises Is a Good Thing

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No Surprises Is a Good Thing

Everything that can go wrong doesn’t have to.

  • Problem: Monitor change over vast territories.
  • Solution: Satellite-based monitoring.
  • Benefit: Decrease risk, damage, cost.

When environments, regulations, economies, and people change, it almost always costs time and money to adapt. These costly changes are often out of our control. Satelytics alerts asset managers to changes across large infrastructure areas, minimizing costly events with early detection.

Changes larger than the size of a dinner plate can be detected with Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ suite of algorithms. Accuracy is paramount for our industry customers. Every solution we provide is field tested before commercial deployment, ensuring high confidence from the start, and we use high-resolution satellite data so we don’t miss a thing.

Satelytics alerts operations personnel to conditions outside of the normal window as rapidly as possible. Watch our change detection services in action in the below video:

Satelytics’ change detection and more than 40 other algorithms are offered for a single cost. Use one or 40 algorithms – we don’t charge extra. Logic would dictate that you wring every benefit out of your investment.

Our results are delivered within a few hours after we obtain the satellite data. Gone are the days of waiting days, weeks, or even months for survey results. Satelytics gathers imagery from a variety of commercial vendors so that assets can be monitored multiple times per week. This frequency is rapidly increasing and costs are decreasing as space investment grows.

Everything that can go wrong doesn’t have to. Keep your operations surprise-free with Satelytics’ change detection services and more.

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