Prevention Is Better Than Damage Control

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Prevention Is Better Than Damage Control

April is National Safe Digging Month.

  • Problem: Monitoring for third-party threats.
  • Solution: Satelytics is your eye in the sky.
  • Benefit: Prevent asset damage.

April is National Safe Digging month, a reminder to spread the word about damage prevention and public awareness of buried utilities. A knowledgeable public and the 811 call is the first line of defense for utilities and midstream operators, but pipeline and utility strikes still occur. Unhappy with these results, many are now looking to add another layer of preventative measures.

Recently, Satelytics has added several customers who are eager to make use of satellite data streams — which are now available daily — for locations worldwide. Satelytics’ Constant VigilanceTM algorithms analyze these raw imagery datasets and alert to changes within customers’ rights-of-way and corridors.

The benefits of Satelytics.

The benefits of Satelytics.

Satelytics alerts to objects and changes larger than the spatial resolution offered by the sensor. Using high-resolution data, we can monitor changes as small as 30 centimeters, the size of a common dinner plate.

Frequent requests from our customers include identification of:

  • Vehicles and heavy equipment
  • New structures (e.g., pools, barns, sheds)
  • Construction and its progress
  • Trees and vegetation
  • Geohazards (e.g., land movement, water intrusion)
  • And more!

Satelytics is data agnostic, meaning that imagery can be sourced from any number of commercial vendors and applied to the same area of interest. This allows us to survey a client’s area of interest as frequently as possible. Today we return alerts a few hours after satellite overpass, and are pushing to reduce this time even further.

Perhaps your company has investigated remote sensing solutions in the past, or maybe satellite monitoring and advanced analytics are completely new solutions. Whatever your level of engagement is, reach out to us today to see how Satelytics proactively monitors your asset areas and harness this rapidly growing data source.

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