Q&A from AGA: Methane

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Q&A from AGA: Methane

Customer conversations on methane measurement.

  • Problem: Educating customers on geospatial analytics.
  • Solution: In-person interactions.
  • Benefit: Risks, costs slashed as industry harnesses new technology.

We recently returned from a great week in Texas at the American Gas Association’s Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition. Satelytics spoke with many gas utility thought leaders who visited our booth. In our last article, we discussed general questions we fielded related to satellite-based geospatial analytics. The following is a recap of the top methane-specific questions asked by customers.

Can Satelytics quantify methane leaks?
Yes. Our methane algorithm has quantified flow rates down to 60 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), or approximately 1 kilogram per hour (kg/hr). We confirm this sensitivity alongside our customers in blind controlled releases, and imagery is gathered to challenge and train our models.

What is the lowest measurable concentration Satelytics can detect?
Satelytics detects concentration down to 250 parts-per-million per meter (ppmXm).

How accurate is Satelytics’ methane solution?
Our methane solution measures methane leaks with greater than 90% accuracy and ±5% on flow rate.

Can Satelytics replace my leak survey program from a regulatory standpoint?
Yes. Satelytics supports our customers as they seek approval for emerging technologies like ours — providing data and documentation when needed — and regulators have been overwhelmingly supportive of our approach. Customers are even receiving rate case adjustments to implement our services.

Can Satelytics monitor for other things besides methane?

Yes. We offer 40+ algorithms, all of which can be obtained from a single image for one cost.

Satelytics’ methane algorithm has become our most requested algorithm to date — with interest around the globe — and is seeing rapid adoption from natural gas utility customers.

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