Satelytics Works Only for You

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Satelytics Works Only for You

We stand with industry.

  • Problem: Increasing regulations.
  • Solution: Arm your company with superior data and documentation.
  • Benefit: No sleeping with one eye open.

Earth observation is no longer a niche industry. This is evident by tuning into nearly any news or information medium. Wars, environmental issues, weather, and natural disasters: all are monitored with satellites now. It is natural, then, that the industries served by Satelytics, those that manage vast infrastructure areas and are heavily regulated, would be concerned about regulators using similar technologies too.

We have been fielding more calls and emails from our customers and potential users about Satelytics’ approach to regulatory oversight. We believe the timing for this level of concern is not a coincidence, and we want to put our customers at ease.

Satelytics does not work for regulators or NGOs.

In the past couple of years, much of our portfolio has gone from pilot projects to full-scale adoption. With this comes the scrutiny of the oversight bodies. Many of our customers, especially those in upstream and midstream sectors, have to navigate state and federal oversight governing how they can operate their infrastructure.

Satelytics works alongside our customers to provide project results and consultation as they seek regulatory approval for geospatial analytics. Our services replace legacy monitoring solutions, or can be used in tandem with current solutions, to reduce risk and capital expenditure. We are focused on our industry customers and stand by to serve their side of the business/regulatory relationship.

As our business and industry grow, so does the compendium of results building the case for geospatial analytics in the marketplace. Let us assist your company as you present the benefits in the regulatory sphere.

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