Shielding From the Worst

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Shielding From the Worst

Protect assets by joining PermianSHIELD.

  • Problem: Expansive, overlapping assets.
  • Solution: Share costs basin-wide.
  • Benefit: Total monitoring at minimal cost.

As discussed in a recent news article, Satelytics and some big thinkers in the Permian Basin are growing a consortium to measure methane emissions, liquid pipeline leaks, and tackle a host of other pressing challenges our customers face. Data captured weekly is analyzed by the Satelytics engine — 40+ AI-driven algorithms — yielding benefits to all participants, while maintaining confidentiality among all participating.

Inspired by the notable collaborative success of the intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE), this consortium cooperatively monitors a wide variety of industrial assets for anomalous conditions — such as leaks, encroachments, erosion, and land movement — where early detection will avert disaster. Any of the challenges outlined below can be run simultaneously on the same set of data.

This initiative for the Permian Basin (80,000 square miles) similarly shares the benefits and costs of Satelytics’ technology amongst consortium members. Data captured regularly over the Permian Basin region is analyzed to deliver actionable results within hours of data capture, pointing customers’ experts only where their abilities are needed.

Founding members see this as a proactive measure to defeat the narrative that oil & gas is not doing enough to limit emissions and other environmental impacts. They also see this initiative as an answer to headline-grabbing assertions of methane super emitters. That argument can be won with better data in hand.

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