SoftServe Partners with Satelytics

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SoftServe Partners with Satelytics

Promoting innovation in key industries with SoftServe.

  • Problem: Adoption of innovative technology.
  • Solution: Rely on transition specialists.
  • Benefit: Easy adoption of efficient solutions.

Satelytics and SoftServe have partnered to promote digital innovation and deliver best-in-class geospatial analytics solutions to address a wide range of challenges in the oil & gas, utility, mining, and agriculture industries.

SoftServe is a leading IT consulting company transforming and optimizing how enterprises and software companies do business. Their end-to-end approach assures innovation, quality, and speed across the healthcare, retail, energy, manufacturing, and financial services verticals. Assisting industry clients innovate at scale, SoftServe utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, and Big Data. In addition, they provide industry leaders with consulting and engineering services to ensure production optimization, operational efficiency, effective resource utilization, employee safety, and environmental sustainability.

“I am delighted to announce this partnership with Satelytics, an industry leader in geospatial analytics and satellite-based remote sensing,” said Dr. Hatem Nasr, SoftServe’s Director of Digital Energy, Oil & Gas. “Satelytics analyzes the highest resolution satellite imagery from various satellite providers and has an extensive suite of more than 40 advanced artificial intelligence-based algorithms to quantify methane emissions, monitor produced water and soil characteristics, monitor vegetation, and detect pipeline leaks. SoftServe will augment Satelytics’ solutions with advanced analytics AI/ML solutions, automated reporting, visualization, action planning, and data integration.”

Founded in 1993, SoftServe has expanded their reach from Lviv, Ukraine to offices in 14 countries around the world, staffing over 12,000 employees and having completed over 7,000 customer projects.

"Satelytics is thrilled to partner with SoftServe,” added Sean Donegan, Satelytics CEO. “The bench strength of the personnel at SoftServe is unmatched. Coupled with the capabilities that they have shown time after time, SoftServe wields a stunning pedigree. To be partnered with a company who has a customer base that is so global is humbling. As a disruptive company ourselves, it is positive to have such smart colleagues.”

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