Spotlight on Solar Solutions

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Spotlight on Solar Solutions

Next-level solutions for next-generation energy.

  • Problem: Solar panel output below spec.
  • Solution: Remotely monitor temperature, vegetation, encroachments.
  • Benefit: Detect problem spots, remove guesswork.

Solar farms have been around for decades, becoming more efficient with time and technology. Today, solar power is being pointed to as a key component in what some hope to be a clean energy revolution. But being “clean” doesn’t mean that solar farms are maintenance-free.

The voltage and current outputs of solar cells vary, affected by changes in lighting, temperature, panel tilt, sun angle, cloud cover, vegetation, and soiling. Soiling, the accumulation of material on the light-sensing part of solar cells, can be caused by any number of substances: pollen, mineral dust, bird droppings, fungi, agricultural admissions, engine exhaust, and more.

Soiling, vegetation, and other forms of cover cause even bigger problems for paralleled solar cells, a series of interconnected cells. One parallel cell, with its energy intake and production hindered by substances like dust, can affect the rest of the cells it’s connected to — even if the rest of them are clean.

Satelytics shows you which panels need maintenance.

Satelytics shows you which panels need maintenance.

With these vast solar plants comprised of hundreds of panels, which are made up of thousands or more of individual cells, how can problem areas be located? The solution is a combination of algorithms in Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ suite:

  • Surface Temperature. This algorithm can pinpoint where soiling disturbs the energy production of specific solar cells and panels, taking over the mundane task of manually searching for them. Employees and resources are instead freed up for remediation and other areas that require attention.
  • Vegetation Management. Left unchecked, vegetation can obstruct sunlight and even damage solar panels. Keep trees, brush, and grasses under control with vegetation growth alerts, allowing managers to schedule trimming, mowing, or herbicide application.
  • Change Detection. Receive alerts to other encroachments around solar plants — even if the change isn’t obvious. Satelytics detects land movements and geohazards, as well as human activities like construction.
Satelytics can also help monitor hard-to-access panels, like these rooftop panels.

Satelytics can also help monitor hard-to-access panels, like these rooftop panels.

Satelytics takes the guesswork out of finding problem areas and potential threats to your business, infrastructure, and bottom line. Want an accurate, efficient solution? Give us a call today.

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