The Everything Solution

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The Everything Solution

One set of data, many solutions.

  • Problem: High cost of multiple single-problem solutions.
  • Solution: A geospatial analytics multitool.
  • Benefit: Save money, serve needs organization-wide.

We frequently speak with customers about the benefits of employing Satelytics versus single-use solutions. Satelytics analyzes spectral data in multiple ways simultaneously to provide solutions to your organization's numerous operational and business challenges — not just one.

When multiple teams share the cost of Satelytics’ services, the question isn’t about budgets — it’s about how multiple teams can take full advantage of all our suite of algorithms offers while each team pays a fraction of the invoice. In contrast, employing multiple single-use solutions to address every challenge leads to a stack of bills to manage and complicated operations and software puzzles.
Satelytics serves needs across your organization.

Satelytics serves needs across your organization.

Satelytics gives you access to a multitude of services over land, water, and in the air — all of which simultaneously analyze the same set of data. Our 40+ algorithms provide accurate, early detection and aid in EHS efforts like employee safety, regulatory compliance, reports and audits, and litigation support. Additionally, employing Satelytics' analytical capabilities opens doors for easily overlooked cost savings, such as reduced insurance premiums and increased insurability.

Is your organization spread thin? Satelytics can help. Schedule a demonstration with us today and see how our customers are doing more with geospatial analytics.

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