The Secret Sauce of Methane Measurement

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The Secret Sauce of Methane Measurement

Smarter methane detection and quantification benefits Duke Energy.

  • Problem: Accurate emissions data.
  • Solution: Embrace new technology.
  • Benefit: Efficiently limit emissions.

Our friends at Duke Energy have experienced the Satelytics difference time and again, improving operations and seeing where more can be done. These visionaries know that science lies at the heart of Satelytics’ services.

“The AI and the machine learning algorithms are really the secret sauce,” said Lauren Crowe, Director of Gas Business Transformation and Improvement at Duke Energy in an interview with S&P Global. “While Duke has a strong presence in the space of building AI and ML internally, Satelytics had already cracked that nut of being able to take that raw imagery and translate it into understanding absorption and being able to essentially parse out the presence of methane within that imagery.”

Satelytics goes beyond leak detection, measuring the flow rate and plume concentration.

Satelytics goes beyond leak detection, measuring the flow rate and plume concentration.

Duke Energy first teamed up with Satelytics in 2021, looking for an industry pathfinder for better methane detection and measurement to improve operational efficiency, safety, and reporting. By strengthening their monitoring program, our methane alerts lead Duke Energy’s leak detection and repair (LDAR) professionals to the exact locations of leaks for swift remediation, and therefore reduced emissions.

Satelytics’ Largest Customer Discusses How We Are Integral to Their Net Zero Strategy

From working in the field to further project implementation and expansion, we have helped Duke Energy reduce recordable leaks by over 85% since the beginning of 2022. Satelytics is proud to be a part of this fantastic achievement. Together, we have opened doors for this actionable approach to methane leak detection and measurement.

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