Where Does Satelytics Work?

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Where Does Satelytics Work?

Satelytics provides accurate solutions worldwide.

  • Problem: Service limitations by location.
  • Solution: Employ global technology.
  • Benefit: Resolve challenges regardless of geography.

Satelytics has customers on every inhabited continent. This is the beauty of geospatial analytics: an Ohio-based company can cover a much larger footprint anywhere around the world! Business challenges in one location are often identical to those experienced in other parts of the world. Liquid leaks, vegetation encroachments, unbalanced water chemistry, and land movement: these problems are universal. At Satelytics, we believe solutions should be universal too.

Our scientists create algorithms to detect substances based on their spectral signatures, a “fingerprint” of wavelength bands produced by the reflection of sunlight, and those signatures’ intensity. Sensors onboard commercial satellites capture imagery and data, including these spectral signatures. Our algorithms process this sensor data to deliver actionable alerts and measurements.

Each algorithm is ground-truthed for accuracy. This includes accounting for albedo, how solar radiation reflects off specific surfaces. Satelytics leverages multiple satellite datasets to piece together “spectral stories” of what is happening on the ground and how it affects data interpretation.

In partnership with our customers, Satelytics’ science team uses these public datasets, spectral libraries, and field sampling to train new algorithms. Our vegetation suite, currently deployed across the United States, is an excellent example of this process. As the success of one project leads to another, the race is on to expand our services to other countries and continents with similar business challenges. With field samples and training data, our vegetation algorithms can easily be taught to identify native species worldwide.

A global problem requires a global solution. Satelytics works with our customers and partners worldwide to make it happen. Where in the world are your industry challenges? Let us know, and we’ll show you how we can solve them.

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