Building a Leak Detection Legacy

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Building a Leak Detection Legacy

Proven accurate alerts to liquid leaks.

  • Problem: Monitoring dispersed oil & gas assets.
  • Solution: Regular remote monitoring.
  • Benefit: Tried and tested algorithms.

When liquid leaks occur in production areas, it is a hit to operators’ bottom lines through environmental damages and cleanup costs, as well as loss of product. Increasing the risk of leaks, many gathering lines and legacy well pads do not see the same SCADA investment as larger transmission lines and new well pads. This is where Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ algorithms step in to offer an added layer of protection.

Satelytics built algorithms to detect and quantify produced water and hydrocarbons in 2018 to help customers in the Bakken basin get ahead of leaks. The algorithm development process involved ground sampling of these liquids in concert with satellite overpass and field validation via controlled releases by our customers. This iterative approach brought the accuracy of our liquid leak alerts from 50% at inception to over 90% today, sending field teams only where they’re needed.

Detect Liquid Leaks

While early adoption took place in the Bakken basin, Satelytics now monitors for liquid leaks in production areas worldwide, year-round. High-resolution (50 cm) satellite imagery can be gathered daily for any location, and Constant Vigilance™ alerts are delivered a few hours later, allowing operators to frequently monitor infrastructure. Alert data includes details like location coordinates, size, severity, and customer-specified asset nomenclature.

Monitor all assets for liquid leaks — no matter where they’re located.

Monitor all assets for liquid leaks — no matter where they’re located.

All we need to provide the cost of monitoring your assets on various frequencies is a shapefile conveying information on your assets. And as always, liquid leak detection can be included on any project, helping customers tackle multiple challenges for a single cost.

Ready for a solution to your out-of-sight, out-of-mind leaks? Let us show you. Schedule a demonstration today!

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