Emissions Measurement with Intention

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Emissions Measurement with Intention

We are an industry-first solution.

  • Problem: Reactive vs. proactive methane measurement.
  • Solution: High-resolution analytics.
  • Benefit: Early detection reduces negative impacts.

At Satelytics, we are in the business of methane prevention, not reporting. We work with our industry customers to provide quality data and direct them to methane leaks before they become large problems. Satelytics does not work for regulators or NGOs.

Our world is at an environmental crossroads, but with the right technology and the intention to do better, we believe emissions reduction can be achieved. And most importantly: avoid damaging impacts to your company and the environment.

Again and again, we’ve seen various organizations make headlines about emissions reporting. But at the end of the day, this is a reactive approach with no guaranteed change. It is Satelytics’ goal to empower our customers and give them the tools to address and correct methane leaks.

Read more in our piece published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

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