Measurement: The Future Is Now

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Measurement: The Future Is Now

We provide quantifiable results.

  • Problem: Harnessing data for action.
  • Solution: Quantified measurements.
  • Benefit: Actionable alerts lead to cost avoidance.

The energy industry is turning from model-based estimates to empirical data for reporting and operational decisions. Without question, one driving factor for this new direction is new regulation that requires actual measurements versus tabulated factors. Another less obvious factor is that early adopters of new measurement technology are seeing benefits not just in loss of product and regulatory compliance, but in addressing investor and PR pressures, too. Customers, investors, employees, and the public overall are increasingly and actively pressing companies on environmental concerns.

Satelytics has differentiated itself by focusing on quantification, not just identification. We regularly supply customers with the very best quantified results over large asset areas. Our earliest algorithms monitored nutrient loading constituents like phosphorous and nitrogen in parts-per-billion concentrations in watershed areas. This was then adapted to perform environmental work for oil and gas customers, quantifying heavy metals on the north slope of Alaska in production areas. In the past ten years, Satelytics’ science professionals have added algorithms for liquid hydrocarbon and produced water leaks, methane measurement (down to 1 kg/hr), additional water quality measurements, and various vegetation measurements.

In the near future, empirical measurement data will be a requirement for every industry. In some cases, like methane in oil and gas production, it already is. Right now, Satelytics can supply your company with measured surveys of your large asset areas, yielding results in hours, benefiting multiple business groups from a single set of data.

The future is now. Call us to explore how you can apply geospatial analytics to quantify measurement of your assets.

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