Return of Oil & Gas, Return of Boomtime Headaches

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Return of Oil & Gas, Return of Boomtime Headaches

Defeat anti-energy arguments with technology.

  • Problem: Increased risks with rebound of oil & gas.
  • Solution: Complete coverage and early detection.
  • Benefit: Demonstrate leadership, defeat naysayers.

It’s an exciting time for oil & gas. After a year of pandemic-depressed oil & gas prices, that market has come roaring back. Today, oil sits near US$85/barrel and gas is at a 7-year high. With the world rousing from dormancy, this trend isn’t likely to reverse soon. That means producers are producing a lot more natural resource. That also means the operational risks associated with this activity are on the rise.

Long-dormant well sites and pipelines now put into use will present challenges to the industry. A coming wave of midstream consolidation will leave assets in new owners’ hands. Increase drilling means many more miles of gathering pipeline are being installed. With increased oil field and gas field activity comes an increased risk of hydrocarbon and produced water spills and pipeline leaks.

The anti-energy activists will continue to scream that the energy industry just doesn’t care. The energy industry will continue to stress the year-over-year growth of their ESG and environmental programs. Which narrative will win?

One way for the industry to win this narrative battle is to beat the activists at their own game. Industry can adopt cutting-edge technology to defeat the anti-energy arguments and show the amateurs how it’s done. iPIPE is one such example where industry banded together to do just that. Satelytics was proud to be associated with this program and honed our own game because of our focused participation with industry. Now, another industry group is promoting a similar collaborative approach to monitoring methane across the states of Texas and New Mexico.

Now is the time for industry to change its business-as-usual approach. That approach has thus far proven ineffective. It is time for decision-makers to adopt cutting-edge technology to silence critics and demonstrate true leadership in the responsible harvest of natural resources.

Satelytics is a proven tool for the oil & gas industry. Our software analyzes a single set of data to solve multiple business challenges – methane measurement, pipeline leak detection, right-of-way encroachment, vegetation management, land movement, and many more! Results are delivered within hours of satellite data capture. You can rest easy, knowing your entire AOI is under Constant Vigilance™. You, the customer, set all the thresholds. You tell us where to look and what we’re looking for, and Satelytics does the rest.

With today’s strong market, now is the time to take the bull by the horns and defeat naysayers by reinventing your ESG and environmental workflows.

The loss of the highly-respected General Colin Powell two weeks ago reminds us of the Powell Doctrine… “Win with overwhelming force backed by overwhelming support.” Rest in peace, General Powell.

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