The Benefits of Symbiosis

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The Benefits of Symbiosis

Satelytics + ACRT revolutionizes UVM.

  • Problem: 1000s of miles of UVM.
  • Solution: Satelytics + ACRT.
  • Benefit: Safety, efficiency, peace of mind.

Peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, Sherlock and Watson, Donnie and Marie, Jim and Pam: some things just work well together. Add to that list Satelytics and ACRT Services.

Earlier this year, we announced the start of our partnership with ACRT, a relationship that offers extensive services for our utility customers. Together, we are bringing safety, efficiency, and peace of mind to power utilities.

Utility transmission corridors spread for thousands of miles, spanning cities and states across the country, presenting a great challenge for utility vegetation management (UVM). With so much infrastructure and extensive wiring zones to monitor, how can UVM and remediation efforts improve targeting of trouble spots to prevent disasters?

Aided by Satelytics, ACRT Services can deploy their UVM crews directly to problem spots. By analyzing high-resolution satellite imagery, Satelytics’ algorithms — powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning — monitor entire transmission corridors for a list of concerns. Alerts are issued within hours of detection. Satelytics provides exact coordinates, maps, graphs, and other quantitative details — allowing for quick and efficient remediation.

Satelytics offers many services for utilities and UVM, including:

  • Vegetation Speciation
  • Measuring Tree Height
  • Assessing Tree Health
  • Assessing Tree Density
  • Measuring Land Movement
  • Identifying Encroachments
  • Land Use Classification
  • Identifying Corridor Changes
  • Automated Work Verification
A sampling of Satelytics' UVM functions.

A sampling of Satelytics' UVM functions.

With Satelytics, ACRT crews aren’t wasting valuable time and resources searching for problems — meaning more efficient services for power utility customers can be safely performed. UVM can be focused on the areas that need it. But the benefits don’t stop there. By taking advantage of Satelytics and ACRT’s partnership, utilities will experience:

  • Reduced Risk
  • Mitigated Safety Hazards
  • Forest Fire Prevention
  • Quick Narrowing and Identification of Work Zones
  • Prompt Restoration of Services After Events
  • Detailed, Archived Documentation of Issues and Work History
  • Financial Efficiency

What goes together better than Satelytics and ACRT? Satelytics, ACRT, and YOU!

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