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ACRT Services Partners with Satelytics to Bring Geospatial Analytics to Utilities

ACRT Services, Inc. has partnered with Satelytics to bring the power of artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics to the utility industry and associated organizations throughout the United States. Employee-owned, ACRT Services and its family of brands — including ACRT, ACRT Pacific, and Bermex — have been providing independent and client-focused vegetation management consulting, metering services, and technology solutions for nearly 40 years.

In serving ACRT Services and its customers, Satelytics acquires data from satellites and drones, then processes it through the engine to alert, locate, and quantify risk in the electric utility corridor and adjacent lands. Science is our difference, and with it we address industry challenges such as:

  • Vegetation Speciation
  • Measuring Tree Height
  • Assessing Tree Health
  • Assessing Tree Density
  • Automated Work Verification
  • Measuring Land Movement
  • Identifying Encroachments
  • Land Use Classification
  • Identifying Corridor Changes

Results are delivered within hours of capturing data, presented as text and email alerts, directing resources to prioritize problems, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks.

Troy Ross is leading the effort to integrate this tool into regular ACRT workflows and said that he believes this partnership will continue ACRT Services’ position as a vegetation management trailblazer.

Troy Ross
We are excited to be the first to wield this cutting-edge tool for the benefit of our utility customers. This tool will help us deliver value and certainty to our customers.
— Troy Ross, COO of ACRT Services
Sean Donegan
Partnering with a visionary market leader like ACRT Services provides an exceptional opportunity. The hundreds of years of experience in the ACRT Services team is impossible to emulate and invaluable! Our goal is to set ACRT Services above all competitors. Most importantly, this unique approach will offer risk mitigation to our clients.
— Sean Donegan, President & CEO of Satelytics

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