To Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

• Power Utilities

To Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

Seasons and cycles change. Stay ahead with Satelytics.

  • Problem: Compressed vegetation management cycles.
  • Solution: Alerts on problem spots before disaster.
  • Benefit: Optimized and effective UVM.

An interesting conversation with a prospective customer at a medium-sized utility reminded me of this old song by The Byrds. He was interested in a solution to reduce costs and optimize vegetation management efforts. The company’s traditional vegetation cutting cycle has been a five-to-seven-year period, but over the past 15 years, tree and vegetation growth has increased noticeably, requiring maintenance every three to five years instead. In just a few years, their maintenance efforts and costs have increased about 33%!

We’ve seen growing interest in our vegetation management solutions. The driver behind this growth comes partly from the digitalization wave sweeping through industry, but also from field reports like the one above. A significant portion of utilities’ budgets are devoted to vegetation management. Satelytics ensures that not a cent of it goes to waste. We’ve created a vegetation management suite to meet our customers’ needs.

Included in this suite is monitoring of tree height and tree health, which allows us to alert utilities to strike threats — trees that could potentially fall on power lines or infrastructure.

We’ve worked with our partners at ACRT Services to identify pain points and craft our services to provide early detection and maximum benefit. Each of our algorithms are applied to high-resolution data, creating actionable alerts that point managers and crews to the areas needing immediate attention. Typically, our customers choose to monitor vegetation on a quarterly basis, with high consequence areas monitored monthly or bi-monthly.

Satelytics alerts let you get to the trees before they get to your assets. Ready for faster turnaround? Let’s talk.

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