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Ask the Experts

Adopting new technology has never been so easy.

  • Problem: Roadblocks to technology adoption.
  • Solution: Team with experts who know your industry and can provide advanced tools.
  • Benefit: A solution tailored for you.

As computers and other technologies became more integrated into the office, roadblocks to adoption were inevitable. Even today, some individuals still struggle with new applications or operating systems.

Also inevitable is the expectation that someone needs to be the “expert.” Whether “IT” is included in their job title — or they just have the magic touch with the printer — you know exactly who we’re talking about. You might even be that person. But do you want to be? Do you have the time to be “that person?”

Your organization has limited resources. Time, money, staffing: only so much can be dedicated to R&D and the exploration of new, in-house technology.

Recently, New Zealand foresters ran into this issue while trying to adopt UAVs. In this case, a number of roadblocks appeared early on, making adoption and gaining the technology’s full benefits nearly impossible. UAVs require heavy investment in internal R&D, and training courses for their use are not industry-specific. On top of that, the foresters lacked technical assistance during the adoption process. Guidance in incorporating UAVs fully into the industry workflow was difficult to find. There weren’t experts to ask, and, as a result, a lot of time and resources were spent in frustration on a tool that should have been making their jobs easier.

This is not the case for Satelytics’ forestry services.

At Satelytics, we’ve removed the roadblocks, making adoption of our technology easy. Our partners at ACRT Services have helped us refine and focus our services in the forestry and vegetation management industries with their recognized expertise. This industry knowledge allows our experts to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your organization receives maximum benefit from our services.

If you have questions, just ask the experts!

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