The Circle of Utility Vegetation Management

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The Circle of Utility Vegetation Management

A comprehensive solution for every aspect of UVM.

  • Problem: Complex, costly UVM.
  • Solution: Streamline with automated alerts.
  • Benefit: Decrease costs, outages.

Those outside your industry don’t understand the complexity of the utility vegetation management (UVM) cycle, but we do with the help of UVM experts, ACRT Services. And we’re here to help simplify it.


High-priority trees for trimming or removal are spread across your territories, waiting to be discovered. But with Satelytics, field crews can skip the search. We analyze high-resolution imagery to produce alerts on individual trees, with specific coordinates and tree speciation to facilitate location by field crews. This information is accessible in the field with Satelytics OTG™, which operates outside of internet and cellular coverage.

Strike Threat Potential

After swiftly handling high-priority trees, you can shift your focus to trees outside of the electric corridor — trees that are still tall enough to fall on power lines if weakened by disease or storms. In working with ACRT Services, Satelytics created an algorithm to calculate the area of expected line sway to determine strike threat potential. We then analyze tree height, health, and speciation; soil moisture; and topology to assign threat levels to trees near the corridor with the potential to fall on power lines. Using strike threat potential alerts, you can prioritize subsequent actions outside of your corridors.

Work Verification

We understand most utilities aren’t working alone and often contract with UVM experts to act on priority locations. As a result, you need to verify that the work was done before paying invoices. You need eyes in the sky. Satelytics offers work verification under our umbrella of UVM services, alerting you to the trees removed and those missed.

Trim your UVM budgets by letting Satelytics find the problems and send your crews only where their expertise is needed, reducing vegetation-caused grid outages and infrastructure damage. Call today to see how you can save!

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