Automate the UVM Cycle

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Automate the UVM Cycle

Catch trees, limbs before they fall.

  • Problem: UVM is complex and costly.
  • Solution: Streamline processes with an alert-based approach.
  • Benefit: Decrease costs and outages, safer operations.

Satelytics’ algorithm suite for utility vegetation management (UVM) can arm you and your contractors with actionable data needed to optimize your approach to UVM. The process of utility vegetation management has long been focused on cyclical approaches, which are often too lengthy to achieve desired goals. Satelytics’ geospatial analytics are deployed over transmission and distribution assets at customer-requested frequencies to provide state of vegetation alerts and data. With Satelytics, contractors can focus on problem spots where their expertise is needed, versus a regular cyclical search.

Satelytics’ UVM solutions provide tried and true alerts and metrics along our customers’ electric corridors. Our scientists have designed algorithms to address UVM challenges:

  • Tree height
  • Tree and limb encroachment
  • Tree health
  • Tree speciation
  • Identification of individual trees and their location
  • Strike potential
  • Canopy height and density

With Satelytics, not only do crews and utilities have the ability to pinpoint problem spots, they can also make sure contracted work was carried out. Satelytics’ work verification allows the work of crews and contractors to be double-checked remotely. No need to send out another team to walk the lines.

Ensure that trees and limbs were trimmed as invoiced.

Ensure that trees and limbs were trimmed as invoiced.

Satelytics’ vegetation algorithms have been verified in the field by our partners at ACRT Services — industry leaders with 40 years of experience. This allows quantification, including speciation and health, to be accurately provided. We source high-resolution data, with spatial resolution down to a square foot and multispectral wavelength bands, to ensure accurate alerts. Satellites provide a top-down look at vegetation, catching threats that are often missed by ground patrols.

Satelytics delivers utility vegetation management alerts to optimize our customers’ subcontractor programs. Want an edge over the competition? Call us today!

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