Uses and Users: Power and Gas Utilities

• Power Utilities

Uses and Users: Power and Gas Utilities

Solution to challenges without limits on users.

  • Problem: Multiple threats.
  • Solution: A single tool with many functions.
  • Benefit: Share costs, results, and benefits across the whole organization.

With three small kids, my house is busy and there is no shortage of toys spread across the living room floor. I look forward to the days when I will not have to worry about stepping on a Lego brick or slipping on a Matchbox car. So, when I have the opportunity to purchase a toy for my kids that all three of them can use, I smile and think about the cost savings involved with one purchase instead of three!

Think of Satelytics in a similar cost-saving, pain-avoidance way. One set of satellite data is captured and analytics are completed to address threats or conditions that concern multiple business groups within a company. All Satelytics alerts are sent out within hours of satellite overpass and viewable on phone, browser, and tablet.

Here is a list of users who could benefit:

  • Operations: Routine monitoring for infrastructure condition, activity, and environmental conditions. Reduce miles driven and exposure with Satelytics.
  • Natural Gas Leak Survey: Satelytics detects methane down to 10 PPM AND leak rate with 6% accuracy. We have been tested and proven in urban environments.
  • Gas Distribution Integrity: Encroachments in the ROW and digging cost utilities millions every year. Our Constant Vigilance™ algorithms alert within hours of activities with specificity down to the square foot.
  • Surface Vegetation for Buried Infrastructure: Loss of cover, land movements, speciation, re-growth of vegetation, and vegetation health after spraying or mowing.
  • Overhead Vegetation Management: Tree encroachment in the wiring zone, tree speciation, and tree height and health.
  • Green Infrastructure Monitoring: Rain gardens, green roofs, holding ponds, water quality, and sediment runoff.
  • Environmental, Compliance, ESG: Emissions quantification, water quality, remediation activities, and reporting.
  • Urban Planning: Population changes, land classification, identification of high consequence areas, zoning, and illegal construction.
  • Risk and Insurance: Reduction of premiums is possible with increased commitment to damage prevention.
  • Water Quality: Where tributaries or reservoirs exist, Satelytics' water quality measurements offer quantification of nutrient load, sediment load, heavy metals, and PFAS, in parts per billion or parts per trillion concentrations.
  • GIS: Satelytics' unique data sets allow technical users to double-check centerlines and add to their workflow with custom alerts and alarms, buffer zones, and mobile tools.
  • Engineering: Water and soil conditions, shoreline changes, population and land classification, infrastructure condition, and disaster response. Satelytics' algorithms can provide benefits for engineering design and repair operations.

Just like my family enjoying mutual benefit with our indoor bouncy house during long North Dakota winters, Satelytics’ customers reap maximum value from each set of data and accompanying analytics. With Satelytics, you have unlimited users and no seat licenses. Employ geospatial analytics to solve problems across your organization.

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