Making the Grade

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Making the Grade

Boost your UVM program with Satelytics' tree measurements.

  • Problem: Monitoring expansive asset areas.
  • Solution: Geospatial analytics.
  • Benefit: Prevention + see what ground crews miss.

We consistently hear from our electric utility customers that trees are the number one cause of utility service interruptions. The industry is eager to adopt tools that will allow them to get ahead of vegetation threats. This is where we come in: Satelytics alerts customers to risky trees along the electric corridor, and grades risk based on the attributes you choose.

Our utility vegetation management (UVM) suite is designed to provide alerts and metrics about trees in our clients’ expansive asset territories. Satelytics’ UVM suite has been verified in the field by our science professionals and the experts at ACRT Services.

Video demonstration of Satelytics' vegetation measurements.

Satelytics gives our clients multiple options for measuring and grading tree alerts:

  • Height. Satelytics accurately measures tree and canopy height, indicating trees near transmission and distribution infrastructure that need to be trimmed or removed.
  • Speciation. Infestation and blight to specific tree types is a big damage-driver. Knowing where different tree species are — and in turn, which are infested — directs UVM programs.
  • Health. Satelytics’ algorithms have been trained to identify unhealthy deciduous and coniferous trees to highlight which have an increased risk of falling and should be prioritized for removal.
  • Encroachment. Measure how close trees or branches are to the wire zone and conductors with Satelytics. Additionally, you can monitor slopes and areas prone to flooding or land movement, which can create risk as well.
  • Strike Potential. Using a combination of the above measurements, Satelytics determines which trees are at risk of falling on transmission and distribution lines and towers — spotting potential fire starters before sparks fly.

How Satelytics analyzes strike potential threats.

How Satelytics analyzes strike potential threats.

What metrics are important to feed your UVM program? Satelytics adapts to address the challenges of varying environments, as different combinations of landscapes and tree species create unique problems. Request a demonstration with us today to see what others are doing with Satelytics’ UVM suite.

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