Out of Sight, Not Mind: Pipeline Vegetation Management

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Out of Sight, Not Mind: Pipeline Vegetation Management

Identify the vegetation to keep or mow in underground asset ROWs.

  • Problem: Threats to underground assets.
  • Solution: Effective ROW VM.
  • Benefit: Keep cover, eliminate threats.

We understand vegetation challenges aren’t exclusive to overhead electric utilities. That’s why Satelytics’ suite of vegetation management (VM) services is available to the midstream and gas utility industries to reduce maintenance costs and external asset threats.

When managed effectively, healthy vegetation in the right-of-way (ROW) is positive. Buried assets must remain so, as governments and regulators often specify cover requirements. Healthy grasses maintain a depth of cover and prevent land movement while allowing easy access for routine maintenance. The trouble begins when brush grows and trees encroach on the ROW.

Satelytics’ spectral algorithms are trained to identify species of vegetation, each of which carries risks or benefits to your ROW management program. Tree speciation is helpful as blight and environmental conditions can vary greatly across regions — and unhealthy trees present risk. Additionally, tree speciation allows ROW managers to identify tree species whose expansive roots threaten underground assets. On the other hand, native grasses and plant species have a positive effect, promoting biodiversity and creating healthy habitats while protecting underground assets. With Satelytics, not only can you remotely identify native species, but you can also monitor their health — receiving alerts to areas of growth and decline.

Is Vegetation Speciation Possible With Satelytics?

Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ also monitors ROWs for objects and encroachments measuring one square foot or larger. This allows for the detection of individual trees and branches overhanging assets, as well as bushes on the ground. Additionally, customers want to know the height of surrounding trees, which we provide with high accuracy.

Our customers are finding cost savings by trimming, mowing, and spraying only select areas versus the traditional cycle-based approaches on a pay-per-mile basis. Call us today to learn more and see a personalized vegetation management demonstration.

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