Pipeline Leak Detection on a Grand Scale

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Pipeline Leak Detection on a Grand Scale

Liquid leak detection keeps getting better.

  • Problem: Leaks in remote territories.
  • Solution: Satellite-based geospatial analytics.
  • Benefit: Catch leaks early, avoid loss.

In 2018, Satelytics’ science professionals initiated use of our geospatial analytics to detect liquid crude oil and produced water leaks in Williston Basin gathering systems and well pads. These algorithms were designed with the specific goal of assisting customers in finding leaks in their infancy, when operational, financial, and environmental damages are minimal.

Like most in the industry, Williston Basin assets are spread over remote areas, making it difficult to regularly monitor them with traditional methods like ground crews and flyovers. Commonplace leak detection technologies such as SCADA systems aren’t optimized to identify small leaks. All of these methods leave upstream and midstream companies at a disadvantage. Satelytics knew there had to be a better way, and we found it.

iPIPE & NonConnected World

With assistance from our oil & gas customers, Satelytics’ algorithms have been calibrated and tested in various conditions over all four seasons — including the harsh North Dakota winters, where snow cover is prevalent and long-lasting. All of this leads to the present day, where commercial adoption in the Williston Basin continues as operators increase their environmental commitments and feel the squeeze of regulations and slow hiring markets.

On a weekly basis, Satelytics’ algorithms process commercial high-resolution satellite imagery, providing actionable alerts to spills from our customers’ assets. With high-resolution imagery, even liquid leaks down to the size of a small puddle can be detected, helping our customers avoid the costly clean-ups and fines of larger spills. Alerts are delivered swiftly — only hours after satellite overpass. Satelytics also grades leaks according to liquid, size, proximity to infrastructure, and more, arming crews with the information needed to respond accordingly.

Liquid Leak Detection

Our customers in the Williston Basin are experiencing the benefits expert leak detection provides. You can too. Reach out today to speak with industry adopters who have experienced the benefits of Satelytics firsthand!

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