Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud

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Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud

Satelytics’ solutions made possible by cloud computing.

  • Problem: Ever-growing monitoring data.
  • Solution: Utilizing the cloud.
  • Benefit: Faster processing, unlimited storage.

The cloud. We hear these two words everywhere, especially as industry searches for more efficiency gains. We’re seeing great momentum in launching satellites into orbit, presenting the growing opportunity to gather data. As image libraries and data streams increase, the cloud easily hosts the processing and storage required to make satellite data actionable.

The cloud offers unlimited processing power for enormous geospatial data sets, which often measure in terabytes. From QA/QC preprocessing to algorithm processing, operating on the cloud offers rapid turnaround times so our customers can quickly respond to threats.

How Quickly is Data Transformed into Actionable Results?

Our Constant Vigilance™ algorithms process in cloud to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ preferred platforms. We offer 40+ algorithms to address threats facing large infrastructure areas and environmentally sensitive lands. Each algorithm is crafted by our science professionals to solve a specific business challenge for our customers, measuring every pixel, every time.

All alerts and analysis results are viewable on, our cloud-hosted platform. Each customer has their own account with unlimited user access within their organization.

Satelytics keeps data and imagery in perpetuity for our customers, something that is only possible with cloud storage. As the data for their territory accumulates, customers get a clearer picture of how they operate and manage their asset areas. This also gives our customers historical data they can lean on in legal instances at any time. Additionally, Satelytics can run new algorithms on historical data to expand customer benefits.

We operate in the cloud to rapidly process data, providing our customers with actionable alerts to help them lessen and negate costly consequences. Schedule a demonstration today to learn more about how Satelytics streamlines asset monitoring.

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