Safe Digging Year-Round

• Oil & Gas,Power Utilities,Water & Wastewater,Pipeline

Safe Digging Year-Round

Reduce damages with actionable alerts.

  • Problem: Monitor 3rd party threats.
  • Solution: Satelytics, your eye in the sky.
  • Benefit: Prevent asset damage.

April is Safe Digging Month — a great reminder of everyone’s responsibility to keep our neighbors and energy infrastructure safe. Third-party damages are the number one cause of infrastructure impairment, but systems (like 811 in the US) are in place to locate utilities before engaging in any ground-disturbing activities and avoid accidents. Service providers have also invested in damage prevention programs and advanced analytics tools like Satelytics to get ahead of threats.

Satelytics alerts our customers to changes that affect their infrastructure. Change detections of interest to our customers include loss of cover, new vegetation, vehicle encroachments, agricultural activities, commercial and private construction, and more. These alerts are graded according to size and proximity to assets, giving crews all the data they need to respond with appropriate urgency.

What Can Satelytics Measure?

Over the years, Satelytics has processed petabytes of high-resolution data, guaranteeing accuracy in identifying risks. Our AI-powered algorithms accurately detect changes down to a square foot in size — identifying threats before they grow into disasters — and provide exact coordinates to these threats.

Of course, alerts with this specificity are only beneficial if they’re delivered in a timely fashion. The turnaround time to receive Satelytics alerts is hours after data capture. Satelytics is data agnostic, buying imagery from the best source available to meet each project’s needs. Commercial satellite imagery is available daily for every location on earth. In many locations, intraday revisits are available — and capture frequencies continue to increase as more satellites are launched.

How Often Can Satelytics Capture and Analyze Data?

Proactive change detection with Satelytics can feed your damage prevention analytics program, directing resources and personnel to get the most return for your investment. Reduce the severity of threats in April — as well as the rest of the year — with Satelytics.

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