Satelytics: Beyond the Software

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Satelytics: Beyond the Software

A look at who we are, behind our success.

  • Problem: Getting to know us.
  • Solution: Talk to Satelytics’ experts.
  • Benefit: Quality solutions and service.

At trade shows, we field a lot of questions surrounding Satelytics’ brand of geospatial analytics. Questions about our business model, pricing, accuracy, and use cases are most common. In addition to these technical questions, we also receive many regarding who we are as a company, beyond our software.

Satelytics was founded over ten years ago in northwest Ohio to distill satellite imagery into actionable data — alerts that identify and quantify. Our science team contains the brightest minds in geospatial analytics, holding advanced degrees in a number of remote sensing- and AI-related fields.

With Satelytics, you get a team focused on providing the best solutions and the best customer service. Our project scientists will walk you through your results, whether methane, vegetation, change detection, liquid leaks, geohazards, or all of the above. And any questions are fielded by our professionals. No call centers, no bots.

What Can Satelytics Measure?

As a company, we have grown organically, not relying on venture capital funding or equity groups. Satelytics started in an incubator office at the University of Toledo, Ohio — and from this origin, Satelytics has built up a strong team and a suite of 40+ algorithms. Ours is a Cinderella story, complete with our gleaming office space in the heart of Perrysburg, Ohio.

From the beginning, Satelytics has always been about people: ours and yours. Satelytics reduces workload and risk for our customers with quality solutions and services. Reach out today to see what our dedicated team can do for you.

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