What is in the Archive?

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What is in the Archive?

New possibilities with legacy satellite data.

  • Problem: Looking back before a project’s inception.
  • Solution: Acquire archive data.
  • Benefit: New data from past imagery.

Satelytics receives a lot of requests to “look back in time” at incidents or the condition of infrastructure. Any or all of our 40+ algorithms can run simultaneously on a single satellite image — whether the image was taken today or years ago. With Satelytics you can rapidly monitor thousands of miles and, in some instances, take a glimpse back in time over the same area of interest.

Can Satelytics Analyze Historical Data?

A common misconception is that all satellites are continually gathering images of the earth’s surface. While this is true for some low-resolution space sensors, high-resolution commercial satellites are tasked, pointing a satellite over a specific area of interest on behalf of a paying customer. Once the satellite operator captures an image and supplies it to the customer, a copy of the image is also saved in the satellite operator’s data archive. Should someone wish to look at that same image, it can be purchased again at a future date.

Commercial high-resolution imagery does not exist for all locations and dates worldwide. Rather, it is more of a hodgepodge collection. If your project would benefit from a look back in time, share your AOI with Satelytics and we can look through the archives to see what is available. Satelytics is data agnostic, meaning we process satellite imagery from multiple sources, getting you the best pricing and coverage for your project.

From past to present, Satelytics’ algorithms run in concert on a single set of satellite data, providing you alerts to the condition of your infrastructure on the ground.

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