When There's Nowhere to Hide

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When There's Nowhere to Hide

Stay ahead of the game with Satelytics.

  • Problem: Uncertainty over new regulations.
  • Solution: Satelytics’ proactive monitoring.
  • Benefit: Stay ahead of regulators.

Coinciding with the events of COP28, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new standards on methane emissions and guidelines for third-party watchdogs to report emissions. This is a continuation of mounting pressures from regulators, boardrooms, investors, and the general public to go beyond the status quo. Upstream and midstream operators must adopt new technology to respond to these pressures and come out on top. Satelytics is that new technology.

Methane Measurement

Industry can conquer emissions arguments and finger-pointing by adopting the cutting-edge technology of Satelytics, demonstrating its responsible approach to energy production and simultaneously taking control of the narrative by doing so with a scientific approach based on facts.

Satelytics delivers:

  • High-resolution data (3.7m) that leads to source identification and flow rate measurements
  • Actionable results, delivered within hours of data capture
  • Data capture up to 4-5 times per week
  • Many solutions from one set of data with our 40+ Constant Vigilance™ algorithms

Satelytics works for industry only. We’re not interested in being NGO watchdogs or working for regulators — we want to be part of the solution, working for YOU. Our oil & gas and gas utility customers have achieved the greatest gains by cooperatively educating regulators on what is possible with geospatial analytics, and we are happy to support these efforts.

Since many companies’ assets are intermingled in an oilfield basin, we believe it makes sense for companies to share the cost of satellite monitoring programs. This is the principle behind PermianSHIELD, a collaborative approach underway in the Permian Basin region of Texas and New Mexico. Together with oil & gas trade organizations and individual producers, Satelytics is promoting this shared-cost, industry-led program.

Whether stricter regulations come today, tomorrow, or further in the future… Are you prepared?

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