Where's the Action?

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Where's the Action?

Stay ahead of changing landscapes this construction season.

  • Problem: Construction threatens assets.
  • Solution: Constant Vigilance™ alerts.
  • Benefit: 3rd-party damage prevention.

As the construction season starts in earnest, asset managers are increasingly looking to the skies to gain insight on areas being impacted by third-party actions and environmental pressure. Threats come in all shapes and sizes, affecting underground and overhead infrastructure in various ways. Satelytics analyzes high-resolution commercially available satellite imagery to alert to changes, recognizing even the smallest sign of activity — down to the square foot.

Land Classification & Change Detection

Satelytics’ change detection monitoring goes beyond comparing two pictures. Our alerts include both the location of the change and its type. Is a shed, pool, barn, etc., being constructed in a right-of-way? Or is the issue land movement?

Our algorithms alert to subtle land movements and stability issues. Where land movement is concerned, the trigger can be environmental or human-caused. This time of year, flooding from spring rains and snowmelt brings geohazard threats. We alert our customers to where and how their land is affected. Satelytics also alerts to loss of cover on buried infrastructure due to washout, drought, or agricultural activities. Above-grade assets, like utility poles and towers, are affected by these same threats.

Monitor Land Slips & Encroachments

The final piece of change detection is identifying the state of construction. Our utility customers use these alerts to plan when to run in utilities and their extent. We alert to where land is cleared, foundation has been laid, walls have gone up, and roofs placed for home development and commercial projects.

Satelytics returns rapid alerts to threats and changes over large asset territories so you can focus solely on the response. Every project is customizable — with customers deciding when and where to look — tailoring alert settings to meet customer needs. Construction season doesn’t have to bring extra challenges. Stay ahead of changes with Satelytics.

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