Satelytics Can Help Oil & Gas Companies Comply with Colorado Flowline Inspection Directive

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Satelytics Can Help Oil & Gas Companies Comply with Colorado Flowline Inspection Directive

Methane leaks and explosions are uncommon, but not in today’s headlines. Unfortunately, these disastrous events are an environmental detriment that can be fatal as witnessed in the April Firestone, Colorado explosion that killed two men and seriously injured one woman. This month, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission issued a Notice to Operators that requires systematic inspection of their inventory of flowlines—active as well as abandoned—by the end of June 2017. Other states (notably California and Pennsylvania) have also taken firm steps ordering operators to monitor natural gas infrastructure for methane leaks and avoid dispersal of the gas into the atmosphere.

Satelytics, an Ohio-based software company uses satellite data to detect leaks, threats, and right-of-way changes to oil and gas infrastructure. The product enables operators to keep tabs on their extraction, storage, and delivery systems utilizing satellite imagery analyzed and delivered via cloud software. Conditions that indicate a fugitive methane emission or oil leak are detectable using special remote sensing algorithms, and reporting software issues alerts to ground crews and operators. The Satelytics platform empowers oil and gas providers to monitor oil and gas flowlines from their desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Satelytics was designed for customers with large geographically dispersed infrastructure. It is difficult—if not impossible—to physically assess each and every change that occurs surrounding pipelines and flowlines. The system uses satellite imagery combined with powerful algorithms to make visible the otherwise colorless and odorless methane gas or hidden oil leaks. The software also detects changes in vegetation, construction or addition of buildings, and man-made obstacles within the right-of-way that may affect the integrity of the lines or be of interest to operators. Satelytics alerts operators to potentially hazardous problems before they become disasters. The system notifies customers of the location and nature of an event allowing operators to quickly minimize consequences and mitigate risk.

Allan Adams, Director of Science commented “the oil and gas and pipeline community applies Satelytics to assess conditions in high consequence areas, identify changes, quantify land movement, and detect oil and methane leaks. This means big savings in retained product, environmental remediation, and regulatory consequences.”

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