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Apichet Technology Co., Ltd. Partners with Satelytics to Bring Geospatial Analytics to Thailand and Southeast Asia

Satelytics has partnered with Apichet Technology Co., Ltd., of Chon Buri, Thailand, to promote our geospatial analytics solutions across Thailand and southeast Asia. Frank Timmons has more than 35 years of technical and commercial leadership experience in the chemical, petrochemical, upstream/offshore oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and steel industries. Frank has work and leadership experience in the USA, China, Colombia, and Thailand. He has led Thai companies and industrial teams since 1996, and is proud to have been granted Thai nationality. Frank is fully assimilated into Thai cultural norms and traditions and is an expert at cross-cultural leadership.

Frank’s unique blend of technical expertise, business leadership experience, and Thai citizenship allows him to serve as effective representation for Satelytics in a region unfamiliar to the company. The technical challenges faced by Southeast Asia energy companies are no different than those experienced in the U.S. and South America, but the cultural differences create opportunity for knowledgeable representation to assist in Satelytics’ permeation of these markets.

Troy Ross
Satelytics’ geospatial solutions can provide great value to companies and organizations operating in Thailand and SE Asia. These valuable solutions also significantly reduce operational and environmental risks, protecting and benefiting the Thai people. I am proud to contribute to the safe and sustainable development of Thailand and to the health, safety, and security of the Thai population by promoting and representing Satelytics in Thailand.
— Frank Timmons, Managing Director, Apichet Technology Co., Ltd.
Sean Donegan
We couldn’t be more excited about Frank and Apichet Technology joining the ranks of believers and promoters in Satelytics and our industrial solutions. Satelytics has much to offer the industries of Thailand and SE Asia, and Frank is an incredible asset — opening doors and starting conversations on our behalf. There is no doubt that together, this partnership can produce infinite benefits for our Asian customers. From environmental health and safety to risk mitigation, we’re here to help customers reduce consequences and put their best foot forward.
— Sean Donegan, President & CEO of Satelytics

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Apichet Technology

Founded: 2014

Countries Served: Thailand & SE Asia

Clients: Industrial, Upstream/Offshore Oil & Gas, Energy, Agribusiness