The Numbers Game: Solving for "X"

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The Numbers Game: Solving for "X"

Measure and hit methane targets with accuracy.

  • Problem: Lack of standards and technology to measure methane.
  • Solution: Satelytics' tried-and-true methane capabilities.
  • Benefit: Lead industry as heroes.

I distinctly remember the day my maths class was taught how to solve an equation to define a variable. Eager to show off this new skill, 10-year-old me quickly grabbed paper and pencil to demonstrate. The variable could be represented by any letter, though most commonly “x” was used, and I could solve the equation to discover its value. To me, this new knowledge was revolutionary!

Of course, the problems we have to solve get bigger and bigger as we age. Instead of solving for one variable, sometimes there are several.

In November, world leaders, delegates, and experts were gathered in Glasgow for COP26. They were tasked with solving arguably one of the most intricate “equations” — how to cut greenhouse gas emissions to minimize detrimental climate change.

We’ve heard pledges and announcements of lofty goals — cutting emissions by 30% by 2030, reaching “net zero” by 2050, increasing carbon offsets, etc. — but what do these really mean? What is a 30% reduction of your organization’s emissions? How do you solve for “x?”

The buzzword being whispered around the world from COP26 conference rooms is “measure.” As the saying goes, you can’t fix what you can’t measure. Very soon, industries and organizations around the world will be asked to solve for “x” — to report measurements of methane emissions. This is an equation that Satelytics can solve for you.

Within hours of data capture, Satelytics can tell you:

  • Which, if any, of your assets are leaking methane,
  • The exact coordinates of where that leak source is,
  • How much methane has leaked,
  • The flow rate of the leak.

To accomplish this with an accuracy unmatched by any others, we use high-resolution data. We put this information at your fingertips and nowhere else, meaning you are the driver of your data and it isn’t shared with anyone unless you tell us to do so. Satelytics does not work for regulators or governments, but in the case of reporting measurements, the data is there for you to document or share with whomever you need to.

It’s a humbling moment when you realize you’ve solved that which others didn’t know was possible. And what a joy it is to share that new possibility with others. This is our purpose at Satelytics: to create new solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges and to revolutionize the energy industry.

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