The Triple Threat Takedown: Reservoir Management

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The Triple Threat Takedown: Reservoir Management

Satelytics alerts to threats facing reservoirs.

  • Problem: Reservoir threats, disruptions.
  • Solution: Holistic, satellite-based monitoring.
  • Benefit: Tighter control over reservoir assets.

A significant amount of electrical power in the United States comes from hydroelectric sources. Dams and turbines come to mind first when thinking about hydroelectric power, but equally important are reservoirs. The potential energy-holding source for dams, reservoirs require effort to maintain just like the generating parts of the system. Satelytics has the solutions you need.

Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ automates the routine tasks performed by shoreline and reservoir management groups. We group these tasks into three categories: physical, chemical, and biological. Highlighted below are the top problems for reservoir managers in each category and how Satelytics solves them.


Many reservoirs are drawn down during fall and winter, concentrating construction periods into these months. Satelytics’ algorithms can alert to illegal construction of docks and structures along shorelines. Our customers decide how far up the shoreline they wish to monitor and the size and type of structure they want to be alerted to, with alerts tied back to property addresses for easy field response.

Identify unpermitted construction along reservoirs.

Identify unpermitted construction along reservoirs.

Other Physical Changes

We provide measurements for erosion, bathymetry, sediment build-up, turbidity, and digital surface models of watershed areas.

Nitrogen & Phosphorus

Satelytics quantifies nitrogen and phosphorous in water in parts per billion concentrations. Together, these nutrients are the primary driver behind harmful algal blooms. We help reservoir managers get ahead of the problem, not only measuring concentrations, but also pointing to the source of nutrient loading.

Measure chemical concentrations over entire waterbodies.

Measure chemical concentrations over entire waterbodies.

Other Chemical Changes

Constant Vigilance™ alerts to hydrocarbon sheens and metals in waterbodies.

Chlorophyll-a & Phycocyanin

In concert with chemical concentrations, we developed algorithms to detect and measure chlorophyll-a and phycocyanin — biological indicators of harmful algal blooms. Sample entire reservoirs for concentrations in parts per billion, no point sampling needed.

Get ahead of algal blooms with Satelytics.

Get ahead of algal blooms with Satelytics.

Other Biological Changes

Satelytics also alerts to growth of subaquatic and emergent shoreline vegetation.

All of the above services (and more) can be obtained in parallel for a single cost, no boats required. Sleep easy at night, knowing your reservoirs and shorelines are under Constant Vigilance™. Want to know more? Give us a call today!

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