What's On the Horizon?

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What's On the Horizon?

Learn what’s next for Satelytics and how you can benefit.

  • Problem: Create useful tools for industry.
  • Solution: Start with customer input.
  • Benefit: Industry-tailored solutions.

Satelytics’ suite of algorithms numbers over 40 today — all of which can run in parallel on a single set of data for a single cost. We have come a long way from our start in water quality measuring and monitoring, in part thanks to our customers. Our Constant Vigilance™ suite has expanded with each new use case brought to us, and we’re not done yet.

Satelytics quantifies methane releases down to 1 kg/hr (~54 SCFH) and plume concentrations as low as 150 ppmXm, feats made possible by collaboration in the field with Duke Energy and Southern Cross. Now, our utility customers are replacing their legacy gas leak survey programs with our solution — providing a holistic top-down scan of distribution areas — and our oil & gas customers are able to monitor entire production and gathering systems for methane releases and liquid pipeline leaks. Many of our methane customers have also been approved or are in the approval process for employment of our advanced method by regulators.

Methane Measurement

Coming off the overwhelming success of our methane algorithm, we’re looking to do more to help customers address their emissions challenges. We are developing algorithms for CO2 and H2S, and are looking for partners and customers to collaborate with to create first-class products. As with our methane algorithm, simple detection is not enough. Satelytics is looking to craft algorithms that will measure plume concentrations and flow rates, in addition to indicating the leak’s source, all with accuracy.

Satellite data combined with geospatial analytics is transforming the ability to survey large asset areas quickly and efficiently, and has been proven for a number of use cases, including methane and vegetation management. We’re offering the opportunity to gain a complete emissions profile at the ground floor. Contact us today to learn more about our current solutions and how your company can be at the forefront, using the best monitoring tool.

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