What, When, and Where?

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What, When, and Where?

Customize your monitoring program to meet all challenges.

  • Problem: Meeting all your challenges.
  • Solution: A personalized, multi-faceted monitoring program.
  • Benefit: Satelytics simplifies.

Getting started with Satelytics is simple and straightforward. There are three things new customers need to consider when exploring Satelytics’ solutions for their distributed assets:

1. Determining Your AOI

The first part of implementing a project with Satelytics is determining the area of interest (AOI) to be monitored. Our customers run the gamut from monitoring smaller high consequence areas all the way up to entire asset territories. Asset managers supply us with a GIS shapefile of the area(s) they want monitored, specifying buffer zones around infrastructure. These files are first used to determine the cost of monitoring and later to display the specificity of alerts in their project account on satelytics.io.

Infrastructure locations and buffer zones are specified for accurate monitoring.

Infrastructure locations and buffer zones are specified for accurate monitoring.

2. Choosing Solutions

Satelytics’ algorithms detect a wide range of physical, chemical, metal, and biological substances and phenomena. With 40+ solutions, any or all of our algorithms can be run simultaneously for complete monitoring coverage.

3. Selecting Monitoring Frequency

We consult with our customers to jointly determine the data capture frequency required to address the problem. For vegetation monitoring, we often recommend quarterly analyses, while many pipeline operators opt for monthly to weekly liquid leak detection monitoring. Weekly monitoring is optimal for change detection, like encroachments in the right-of-way. For frequency recommendations, check out the Detailed Information resource on our website.

Considering the area of interest and monitoring frequency, Satelytics sources raw data and determines the project cost for implementation. Our team aids customers through the rest of the implementation process for a successful project launch.

Want to get started? Contact us today to discuss the what, when, and where of a Satelytics monitoring program to address your most pressing business challenges.

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