A Group Benefit with Satelytics

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A Group Benefit with Satelytics

Feed multiple business groups for a single cost.

  • Problem: Costly single-use solutions.
  • Solution: Combine problem-solving efforts.
  • Benefit: Many solutions, one cost.

Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ algorithms run in parallel on a single satellite dataset for a single cost, solving multiple business challenges simultaneously. We had the pleasure of demonstrating this to a new pipeline customer. The midstream company was looking for a better way to monitor portions of their pipeline that traverses a mountainous area. While project discussions started with a narrow scope — timely recognition of geohazards — after showcasing the multitude of benefits obtainable with the original budget, the discussion changed.

The contact at this company belongs to their pipeline integrity group, keeping pipelines from damages by external actions. The things that keep them up at night are third-party excavations, flooding, loss of cover, land movements, and more. Our Constant Vigilance™ algorithms provide alerts to these types of threats, as small as 50 cm in size, a few hours after satellite overpass.

Monitor Land Slips & Encroachments

After an initial meeting, the integrity manager brought in his leak detection, environmental, remediation, emissions, and aerial survey colleagues to a second meeting. The leak team was interested in supplementing their fiber optic detection system with our liquid leak algorithms. The environmental and remediation groups were interested in our algorithms that monitor vegetation growth in ROWs and acid mine drainage where rocks were disturbed by pipeline installation. In some of their ROWs, liquid lines run parallel with gas pipelines, making methane leakage an obvious challenge to ameliorate.

Satelytics’ data is now feeding multiple business groups within this organization to help them proactively address their biggest challenges. The cost we quoted to the integrity manager at the beginning is the same even as the scope of the program grew to meet the needs of each business group. This total program cost includes imagery, algorithms, unlimited data storage in the cloud, and unlimited user access.

Our goal is to supply as much benefit as possible, addressing multiple challenges for our customers. Call us today to see how your company can experience the same group benefit!

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