Top Questions From DISTRIBUTECH

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Top Questions From DISTRIBUTECH

Addressing threats with timeliness and ease.

  • Problem: Educating about geospatial analytics.
  • Solution: In-person interactions.
  • Benefit: Understand and increase savings.

The Satelytics team had some wonderful conversations with prospective and current utility customers at DISTRIBUTECH 2024 last week. A big thank you to all who stopped by our booth! In case you missed it, here are some of the top questions and conversations related to geospatial analytics and our workflow process we answered in Orlando:

What is the business proposition of Satelytics?

We exist to alert you to threats to your large infrastructure areas — letting you know what the threat is, where it is, and how big it is.

Does Satelytics have their own satellites?

No. We are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company using commercially-available, high-resolution imagery to feed our 40+ algorithms. Satelytics is data agnostic, sourcing imagery and data from a variety of vendors, making us nimble and able to adopt new space data streams as they rapidly evolve.

What is the turnaround time for receiving alerts?

Satelytics’ algorithms process in the cloud, cutting analysis time and allowing for alerts to be returned within hours of receiving the satellite data.

How are results viewed after processing?

Alerts are posted to, our web platform, with unlimited user access. Alert data can also be securely passed through to your internal workflow systems with an API.

What is needed to start a new project?

Getting started with Satelytics is simple. Tell us what you want to look for, where, and how often — we handle the rest! We take care of sourcing and tasking, returning to you a single cost that includes both imagery inputs and any number of our algorithms.

Do you farm out your analytical work to offshore contractors?

No. Satelytics is based in Perrysburg, Ohio, where all of our technical staff reside, allowing us to focus on customer challenges and build solutions together.

Satelytics was designed to provide a seamless integration for our customers, addressing today’s biggest threats for the energy industry. Have a question we haven’t answered? Check out our FAQ channel or call us!

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