Unearthing Solutions: Mining Made Easier

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Unearthing Solutions: Mining Made Easier

New tools for mining challenges.

  • Problem: Monitoring vast mining assets.
  • Solution: Geospatial analytics provides early alerts.
  • Benefit: Minimize consequences, improve safety, decrease insurance costs.

Change isn’t always obvious. When it’s happening amidst a very large area of assets — as is the case for mines — how can you spot it before disaster strikes? Satelytics can be employed to monitor mining assets and infrastructure for many issues and constituents with our AI-powered algorithms and geospatial analytics.

From one set of data, Satelytics monitors:

  • Tailings Ponds & Piles – measure chemical and biological constituents, including pH & TSS
  • Tailings Dam Movement – ensure the integrity of physical dams that protect the surrounding environment
  • Vegetation Management – measure efficacy of reclamation efforts
  • Acid Mine Drainage – provide evidence of no impact to surrounding natural assets from your process
  • And More!
Satelytics offers a variety of measurements relevant to mining.

Satelytics offers a variety of measurements relevant to mining.

With Satelytics, all the data you need is easily digestible and at your fingertips. Alerts, maps, graphs, imagery, comparisons, and past data are all provided — and never deleted! Use data and analytics for documentation of the history of stewardship, litigation issues, and even justification to decrease insurance premiums.

The applications and capabilities of Satelytics are ever-expanding. We’re always working on new solutions for our clients. It won’t be long before we can spot new surface chemical and botanical anomalies indicative of new productive areas. An exciting new frontier for Satelytics is in the rare earth elements (REE) space. Geopolitics and supply chain issues have disadvantaged much of the western world in the REE market. We believe that the right mining partner may help Satelytics play a role in making the world less susceptible to current market factors. Give us a call to explore how we might help mining interests pursue new REE resources. Our geochemists are eager to work with a partner on shaping the future.

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